Our premium wines

"Compromises are for relationships, not wine." - Sir Robert Scott Caywood


Prima Wines selection of premium wines are the choice of delicates palates, as this selection only includes the best-in-class certified biodynamic, organic, chemical-free, vegan wines. 


The grapes are biodynamically grown in vineyards with minimal intervention. The delicate grapes are only harvested on very cool autumn mornings, carefully peeled, and sent to fermentation vats. The freshly crushed grapes are soaked in cold water. During this time, the native natural microflora of the vineyard begins to develop slowly, then ferment naturally with the local microflora contained in the grape’s skins.

Why select our premium wines?

Explore our array of high-quality wines, made from the finest grapes, using 100% natural ingredients, courtesy of Australia’s abundance of nature.

Our types of premium wines:

From a refreshing Rosé for a summer night to a full-bodied Red, passing by a crispy Chardonnay or delicate Sparkling, Prima wines Premium wines range is la crème-de-la-crème of Australian wines

Red wines

White wines

Sparkling wines

Grown in the Billabong Creek

In a natural and wild environment, the “Billabong Creek” is known for its rich soil, full of natural resources.
The region's cool climate and the goodness of nature enables a natural, chemical-free approach to winemaking.
The wild environment is naturally protected by hills and constitutes an ideal place for the cultivation of vines.