Our selection process

Prima Wines sources fine wines for impoters worldwide.

Prima Wines sources fine wines for importers worldwide.

Prima Wines is a state-of-the-art Business-to-Business Australian wine export company. We have a large range of wines from different wine regions and wine producers.

Our choice of products includes boutique wines, as well as bulk wine and private labels.

Prima Wines is “the” single point of contact for wine importers. We follow a simple 4 step process to ensure you get the best wines:

Our selection process

Prima Wines ensures all our wines meet Wine Australia’s strict standards as well as international standards. We take it upon ourselves to protect our customers and their end customers.

1. Understand your requirements & source the wines​

First, we assess your needs, the types of wines you request and the quantities, in order to select the best options. We then organize a wine tasting for you and once we agree on a particular wine, we will start the export process.

2. Inspect the wines to ensure they meet your standards​

Wines destined for Europe require a VI1 certificate of analysis in addition to the compulsory Export Approval components which are included in our Certificate of Analysis. 

We ensure that our wines are certified to meet your regulatory requirements; depending on the market you operate in. 

3. Quality check

All wines leaving Australian shores must meet Wine Australia’s quality control requirements. We take the hassle away from you by liaising with Wine Australia to ensure all wines meet the required export quality standards. This includes chemical and sugar level checks and control. 

4. Marketing support​

Prima Wines’ team will escort you through the whole export journey, making the process as easy as possible. We will accompany you through the process, from the logistics to the marketing of your products, supplying marketing and sales collaterals.

We also partner with Marketable Strategies (Multicultural marketing strategies) and Horizon Multilingual Web Design Agency to help you build your international brand presence.