Our organic wines

"Compromises are for relationships, not wine." - Sir Robert Scott Caywood

Prima’s Wines certified organic wines are the product of the Australian generous soil and sun and the human passion for craftsmanship, delighting the palate of those who enjoy sipping on delicate wines.

As we consider the health and quality of the grapes to be of the highest importance, our delicate award-winning wines are made of the best natural grapes, carefully grown in exclusively selected wineries across NSW.

Why select our organic wines?

Natural, organic winemaking produces wines of the highest quality, of vivid intensity. Organic wines are often tastier, but also healthier for the health and the environment. Only 100% organic grapes are used for this range of wines.

Our types of organic wines:

Organic wines are a delicious gift of mother nature. Prima Wines offers a wide range of organic wines, for those who enjoy healthy and guilt-free pleasures.

Red wines

White wines


Sparkling wines

Grown In The Hunter Valley, Billabong Creek and Leeton

The region's cool climate and the goodness of nature enables a natural, chemical-free approach to winemaking.
The wild environment is naturally protected by hills and constitutes an ideal place for the cultivation of vines.