Quality Australian Wines Made Exclusively For Your International Market

Through our nationwide network of partners, we have access to some of Australia’s best wine brands which we find and source for our clients on request, according to their requirements. 

Our Markets

European market

The European Union (EU) is a hybrid intergovernmental and supranational organisation of 27 member countries, made of the countries with the highest wine consumption. 

With Australian exporting goods of $11.6 billion, and services of $7.1 billion toward the EU in 2019-20, European Union is a market of opportunity for quality wine exporters. 


With the generation Z exploring new products and opening the conservative world of European wines to new entrants, the European Union is an opportunity market to penetrate now. 

South-Asia, East-Asia and China

Together, South-Asia, East-Asia and China includes nearly 20 countries  with a range of distinct cultural, religious and social practices, strongly opening to the wine culture. 

The total wine consumption in this group of Asian markets is estimated at $6.1 billion US retail and 47 million 9-litre case equivalents in volume.

The markets included in our partner regions are China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia.


With such high prospects of the business and growing wine culture, taking Australian wines to these Asian economies is in your best interest. 


Indian Sub Continent

The largest exporters of wine to India are Australia, Spain, France and Italy, who combined supply almost 75% of the country’s wine imports.


The growing Indian wine market offers Australian winemakers an opportunity to engage at a mid-tier price level. Growth factors – including the rising middle class, a trend towards wine rather than spirits, and the status associated with wine – mean the market is on a strong upward trajectory, regardless of the significant tariff and non-tariff barriers to entry.


As a country and as a region with an average population age of 30, the Indian subcontinent is a place for every business to be. If you are thinking of exporting Australian Wines to India or looking to source Australian wines for India and the subcontinent, get in touch with us today. 


Over the last decade, spearheaded by the UAE, the Middle East and North African region has opened significantly to wine imports from around the world.

With substantial growth for wine demand in the last decades, spearheaded by the UAE, the Middle East and North African region has significantly opened up to wine consumption, becoming one of the fastest growing opportunities for Australian wine exporters. As luxury tourism is strongly expanding in this region, the demand for alcoholic beverages will sustain a healthy growth in the long term.

Want to know about the import process?

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